About Shelley

Shelley Sanders is a contributing writer with Brainz magazine.  She is an author podcast show host, mentor, and certified advanced psychic medium through the prestigious LWISSD-Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.  Shelley's accuracy in her mediumship abilities has been third-party and blind-tested, solidifying her expertise.  She has also honed her skills under the guidance of the renowned International Psychic Medium Colby Rebel of Los Angeles.

From a young age, Shelley felt a deep calling to serve spirit, and she couldn't ignore her profound connection with the spiritual realm.  Gifted with the ability to see, hear, and speak to spirit, she considers it a great honor to serve as a messenger between the physical and spiritual planes.  Through in-person and online classes, Shelley imparts her wisdom, sharing her expertise in spirit communication and helping others develop their intuitive gifts.

With a deep dedication to empowering women business owners, Shelley is committed to assisting them in aligning with their soul's expression.  Her mission is to guide these remarkable women in living their purpose and embracing their true potential.

Shelley publicly embraced her identity as a medium through her participation in the Intuitive Goddess Book.   This powerful compilation showcases the stories and hero's journeys of fifteen extraordinary women, including Shelley

Embark on a transformative journey alongside Shelley.  Discover her evolution from hiding her mediumship abilities to embracing her soul's purpose and reclaiming her power.

To order your copy of the Intuitive Goddess Book, click the link and allow the pages to inspire and empower you.   https://bit.ly/3wmYXjd.