About Shelley

Shelley Sanders is a certified advanced psychic medium through the LWISSD-Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development, where she was third party and blind tested for accuracy.  Shelley has also trained with International Psychic Medium Colby Rebel of Los Angeles.

The need to serve spirit was strong and Shelley realized her connection with spirit was not to be ignored.  Shelley could see, hear, and speak to spirit at a young age and is honored to serve Spirit today utilizing her gift to deliver messages from the other side through private and group readings. Click here to book your session today.

Shelley has over twenty years of expertise where she learned how to forecast trends of what works and doesn’t work in business.  She consults clients to determine the gap in sales and organizes a plan to achieve consistent results.  Developing this process helped her mold her analytical side.  Proven professionals who suffer from not enough clients, not enough money, and being on the verge of abandoning their entrepreneurial dreams get the insight, action plan, and accountability to solve those problems quickly while also getting to fulfill their soul's calling and do the work they were born to do.

She will connect with your inner wisdom to gain insights around money, relationships, business, career, health, and spiritual growth.  If you’re looking to shift directions in life, then booking a session is ideal for you.