Mediumship Reading – Fifty-Five Minutes

Shelley will connect to your love ones on the other side with dignity and care.  She will bring through proof that the after life exists by providing evidence of your love one’s personality, quirks, and special memories that only you would understand.  Each reading is set with the intention for a beautiful healing.

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Psychic Reading – Fifty-Five Minutes

Shelley will connect with you soul to soul to get answers when you’re facing life challenges.  Sometimes you need confirmation that you are making the right choices and encouragement to keep moving forward.  Allow Shelley to bring insight to your most pressing questions around love, money, health, legal, and family.

fade-leftfade-rightBook your session now.  Space is limited - $175


Group gatherings are ideal for spending quality time with love ones on the other side.  Allow Shelley to use this intimate setting to connect and bring forward your love ones.  Shelley uses evidential mediumship to bring through information that only your love ones would know.  Once the connection and relationships are established, your long-awaited messages are given.  There’s laughter in the messages, unresolved business that needs your attention, and healings that are ready to begin.  If you are looking for a deep connection and quality messages, then this gathering was created for you and your guests.

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I just want to thank you so much for your reading!  You were able to bring forward some unexpected people, so it just confirms the fact that our friends, acquaintances, pets, and loved ones are always close by!  I am paying more attention to smells!  I am now aware of when my Mother is with me.  I look forward to the next time.

- Susan W.

Thank you for the reading this morning.  You have such knowledge, integrity, and kindness in your readings.  Best of everything to you.

- Sandy F.


By booking with Shelley Sanders and anyone she is partnering with for that occasion, you agree to the following terms and conditions.  The information provided is for entertainment purposes only.  What you decide to do with the information given, including any action you take, is up to you and your personal choice.  Any results of those choices are your responsibility and Shelley Sanders is not liable for any injury or results that occur, due to the choices you make based on information given.  Readings and sessions are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to address any medical, emotional, and/or legal issues.  You should, therefore consult a medical care, mental health care or legal professional for any physical, emotional and/or legal issues that need personal attention.

Payment, Refund, and Cancellation Policy for Readings.

Our policy is as follows:

Payment must be received in full to consider your appointment confirmed, otherwise the appointment may be booked by another client.

There are no refunds on completed sessions.

We require that you give our office 48-hour notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.  This allows for other clients to be scheduled into that appointment.  If you miss an appointment without contacting our office within the required time, this is considered a missed appointment.  A fee of $50.00 will be charged to you and will be your direct responsibility.  No future appointments can be scheduled without the payment of this fee.

Additionally, if you are more than 20 minutes late without prior notice for a scheduled appointment, we will consider this a missed appointment and the $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged.  If you are less than 20 minutes late, your appointment will start at time of your arrival and end at scheduled time.