When it comes to cleaning you may think about, the physical space in your home, but did you know that cleaning your space energetically is equally important?

Changes in the home such as family visiting for the holidays, your adult children moving back into the house, or an argument with your partner, can cause the energy in your space to drop.  By taking a few minutes to energetically clean your home, you will raise the vibration and turn a tense environment into a relaxed space.

Below are some quick tips to help you energetically clean your space.

Sage – Light the sage and walk around the house allowing the smoke also known as (smudging) to breakup heavy energy in the space.  Pay special attention to areas where energy gathers which are corners, doorways, and windows. Sage is great for cleansing lower vibrational energy usually caused by disagreements.

Open windows – Pull back curtains and open the blinds to let fresh air and sunshine into the space.  The fresh air and sunshine will sweep out lower vibrational energy and will lighten the mood, so you feel relaxed.

Declutter – Too many papers or books scattered around the house can bring down the energy in your space.  Shred old papers and get rid of junk mail as soon as it arrives.  Getting rid of unnecessary papers will increase the energy flow in your home.

CrystalsThese gems have dual benefits of cleaning the energy in your space, as well as calming the energy in a room.  Here are a few crystals you can add to your collection.  Black tourmaline, Smokey quartz, and amethyst.  You can clean and recharge your crystals by sitting them under the moonlight once per month.

Shelley Sanders could see, hear, and speak to spirit at a young age and is honored to serve spirit today utilizing her gift to deliver messages from the other side.  She teaches in person and online classes and is an expert in spirit communication.  Shelley is a certified advanced psychic medium through LWISSD – Lisa Williams International School Spiritual Development.  She has also trained with International Psychic Medium Colby Rebel.  You can visit Shelley at mediumshelleysanders.com

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