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How to Stay Social During a Lockdown

In order to slowdown the spread of Coronavirus we are being asked to stay indoors and only go out for essentials.  Staying indoors for a period of time can be tough especially if you have kids with lots of energy.  We are naturally wired to be social, so how do you stay social during a lockdown?

Social distancing (staying 6 feet apart or no more than 10 people in a location) has caused restaurants, bars, malls, night clubs, sporting events, travel, and family gatherings to come to a halt.

Just because we’re experiencing a statewide lockdown doesn’t mean your social life has to suffer too.

This is the perfect time to embrace technology

There are fun ways to stay connected during a lockdown.  You can use technology to video chat.  My creative stepmom is using this time to lunch with friends via video chat, she’s meeting for coffee dates, and as I’m writing this blog, we are scheduled to have happy hour by video chat.  My wine and appetizers are ready for the call.

Look I get it, you may feel a little shy about chatting on video especially if your hair and makeup aren’t done but let me share that I have chatted by video with no makeup and hair in a ponytail.  If you must, you can get ready from the neck up then start a chat.

Several ways to stay connected via video.

Your phone may come with apps or you can download in the App Store.

Google Duo – This can be used on your cell phone android to android or android to iPhone.

 Facetime – This can be used on your cell phone and is an iPhone to iPhone function only.

 Skype – Can be used on your cell phone or laptop.  Also great for group chats.

Zoom – Can be used on your cell phone or laptop.  Also great for group chats.

Microsoft Teams – This can be used on your laptop and is great for work meetings.

If you’re concerned about not seeing your elderly parents or grandparents, then try video chatting to stay in touch.

I had two video chats in one day.  Both calls had me laughing and I felt less isolated.

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