The holidays are a  time of laughter, celebration, and family gatherings.

The holidays can also be a time of sorrow especially if you are missing a loved one that crossed over to the other side.  Often there is a feeling of emptiness that cannot be filled.  The first holiday without your loved one is the hardest.  You would give anything for one more smile, one more hug, or to hear their voice again.

2020 added an additional layer of grief with the spread of COVID which caused unexpected loss of life, layoffs, business closures, moving back home, lockdowns, stay at home orders, reduced travel, and limited social gatherings.

This holiday season can be especially hard if you have a loved one with a compromised immune system and visiting them could put them at risk of contracting COVID.  So, this year we will chat by Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, and FaceTime until it is safe to meet in person.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Although you may be missing family and want things to get back to normal the pandemic is temporary and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Hopefully by mid-2021 we will see social gatherings back to normal.

Are you feeling tired and do not know why?

 As I speak with clients and students there is one common theme and that is feeling more tired than usual.  This new level of tired feels as if Superman is struggling to fly while in the presence of kryptonite.

If you are a psychic, medium, or healer you may notice it takes more energy to raise your vibration than usual and you may feel too tired to give a reading or complete a healing session.

There are two levels of grief being released into the atmosphere.  The first level is holiday grief, and this includes individuals that are missing loved ones that crossed over to the other side.

The second level of grief is COVID and this includes many of us that experienced loss due to restrictions of the pandemic.

As the heaviness of grief builds remember to be gentle with yourself during this time and listen to your body so you do not burn out.

Below are some quick tips to help you relieve grief during the holidays.

 Stories – If you are missing a loved one that crossed over share some fun stories to honor their memory.  When we stop talking about our loved ones because it hurts too much to live without them this can create stress on the body and place you into a denial cycle.

For more information about the five stages of grief read: On Grief and Grieving by Elisabeth Kubler Ross and David Kessler

Laugh – Laughter releases endorphins in your body that helps you feel better. One fun suggestion to help you laugh is comedy.  Netflix has several comedy specials that will put a smile on your face.  Allow yourself to escape into laughter and give your mind a break from stress, worry, and grief.

Music / Dance –   Music soothes the spirit and dancing increases energy in your body.  Hollywood knows something about dancing because there is a dance scene in every romantic movie.  One of my favorite things to do is dance in my living room to disco music.

Pets – Your pets are loving and a great source for improving your mood.  Be sure to watch them during the holidays so they do not sneak food off the table.  I caught my Labrador Nellie sneaking peanut butter cookies out the doggie door.

Journal – Writing your thoughts down on paper calms your mind and allows you to think clearly.  Avoid making any life altering decisions while experiencing grief.

Seek professional help if you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, anxiety, depression, problems sleeping or problems eating.

Shelley Sanders could see, hear, and speak to spirit at a young age and is honored to serve Spirit today utilizing her gift to deliver messages from the other side. She teaches in person and online classes and is an expert in spirit communication.  Shelley is a certified advanced psychic medium through LWISSD – Lisa Williams International School Spiritual Development.  She has also trained with International Psychic Medium Colby Rebel. Like her page on FB  You can visit Shelley at